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In a virtual field trip, or some people call it a web-quest, you are allowing your students to research a topic of your choice in a different way. Instead of the students reading out of a textbook you are giving them the opportunity to open their minds to a world full of technology. Virtual field trips are also something a teacher can use if he or she can not take the class on an actual fieldtrip. For each virtual fieldtrip you should make a “passport” full of questions for the students to answer while they are on their fieldtrip.
To view the passport click here

Here is an example of a virtual field trip!

Blast to the Past, Say What?!
Second Grade Standard: Historical Thinking and Skills: Primary sources such as artifacts, maps, and photographs can be used to show change over time.

Welcome to the “Blast to the Past, Say What?!” Fieldtrip. During this fieldtrip you will visit different websites that will show you how different things have changed in the world. You will get to see how light changed, how states change, how transportation changed, how phones have changed, and you will get to see the world when it had dinosaurs roaming the earth. I hope you’re ready for this adventure. If not take a couple deep breaths and let’s get to it. Are you ready? Let’s’ jump into the time machine and scream “Here we go!”
Visit 1-How Light Has Changed

For the first location you will visit a website that explains what people used as light back then and what we use today. Look at the difference between then and now. I don’t know about you, but fire and electricity seem like two different things to me!


Visit 2 – Kentucky Changed from One to Many

During this location you will look at the pictures of Kentucky and see how the state changed over time. Who knew that the states transformed like this because I sure didn’t. If you knew you are one smart cookie!


Visit 3 – Transportation Then and Now

On this adventure you will be watching a video that shows you how transportation has changed as time went on. Have you ever seen a buggy “firetruck” before? Dive into visit 3 and check it out!


Visit 4 – What is a Rotary Phone?

On the next stop you will be watching a video of kids just like you trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone. Have you ever wanted to learn how to work a rotary phone? Well now is the time you can learn. Have fun bringing the past to your screen kids!


Visit 5 – Google Earth Dinosaurs

During the last stop you will be experiencing a blast from the past. A time way before you existed. These creatures may not be here anymore, but thanks to Google Earth we are able to
view them in their natural habitat. Let’s take a look, but don’t get too close!
These creatures do not exist anymore but when they went extinct the earth changed because they weren’t here. Over time they started to disappear left and right. Where did these creatures go?

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