I am reaching out to you to try and land a job for teaching elementary students. My educational background in Early Childhood,  skills and training, volunteer work, and awards makes me a great candidate for the job. As you view the resume below, I show that I am very dedicated once I start something I am passionate about. I am very passionate about softball, but I’m even more passionate about teaching kids. I also show my volunteer experience, teaching experience, athletic career, education experience, and the early childhood education certification I am working to get in May of 2020. Even though I am experienced teaching young kids when tutoring and coaching, I do play a sport. This sport has taught me how to work with others, good communication skills, how to respect others, how to be coachable, how to get back up when I lose/fail, how to be on time, how to be professional, and to chase my dreams no matter what is in my way. Softball was my biggest dream until I got to college. Now that I am attending Cincinnati Christian University I’ve decided what I want to do as a career. Teaching kids and having my own classroom one day is the biggest dream I have had.

To view my resume click here .



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